Our Email Marketing Services

Keeping customers engaged in your brand is tough enough already, with plenty of opportunities for your customers to get distracted by all of the marketing they are bombarded with on a daily basis. That's why in today's economy, marketing is not just about delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time, it's also about delivering all three in the right volume. Whether it be email, sms, website, social media, tv, billboard, bus bench or any of the other hundreds of ways to deliver your brand's message, each contact your customer has with your message counts. That's why Email Marketing is such an integral part of the services we offer to our existing clients. Email Marketing on it's own is likely not going to move the needle on your business's success, but combined with the power of a well-designed website, social media accounts and other digital assets, email marketing has the power to compound your existing digital marketing efforts for added ROI.

What to Expect with Keddy & Associates

How Pricing Works

The email marketing services we provide generally follow a simple pattern, based on the level of service provided in the package you select. When you're ready to proceed, you can contact our sales team to get started on your email marketing services journey, which will be priced based on the volume of content to be created for your subscriber channels, whether there are any additional requested services over and above the package we have selected for you, and to what degree you, the client, will be involved in the production of content. If for any reason we fail to live up to the terms of the Client Agreement, you're covered by our Service Pricing Guarantee.

Risk-Based Pricing

The end result of every marketing project involves some sort of risk being taken by a business, which at the end of the day is why marketing costs can vary so greatly. The risk of you choosing an agency that delivers a service that doesn't generate the expected revenue for your business factors into the pricing of every project. Clients pay a premium for Keddy & Associates to market their business because when marketing your company determines the ultimate success or failure of your business, We Deliver. Without Exception. If you're paying less for your marketing projects, you're taking a greater risk that the final result won't be exactly what your business needs to succeed. It's that simple.

Risk-Based Pricing also means different things for different businesses. A small "mom-and-pop" shop has a different level of risk associated with marketing assets than does a multi-national conglomerate whose branding might appear on millions of dollars worth of merchandise and is quite costly to replace should it be determined that the design is flawed. In this way, the value of a marketing project is intrinsically linked to the scale and environment of the client business.

Standard Project Deposit

For all email marketing projects, you'll be asked for a nominal deposit on our services before we start publishing to your subscriber channels. This Standard Project Deposit covers the setup costs incurred to make sure your marketing assets are prepped and ready for our services, and the costs associated with planning design and management of the beginning stages of our marketing strategy for your business.

Our Service Pricing Guarantee

Part of the reason our clients choose Keddy & Associates is the predictability you can expect from our billing. The price we talk about during your complementary consultation with our sales team is the same price that you'll receive a bill for when the project is done or throughout the payment plan we arranged for your account. If the scope hasn't changed but we failed to properly quote our services to you that's our fault not yours, and we take full responsibility for that by assuming any additional costs. Most services under $2500 qualify for our Service Pricing Guarantee, which covers the majority of our services. If your project billing exceeds $2500, then reach out to your account representative to discuss our commitment to predictable billing practices, and how we might resolve pricing for large-scale custom projects.

Getting Started with Keddy & Associates

1. Discovery Call (30 minutes)

The first stage of any email marketing project is to first determine if there is a viable solution that Keddy & Associates can provide the prospective business. At Keddy & Associates, we take great pride in surrounding ourselves with businesses and organizations that demonstrate a positive impact on the world around them. Profits matter in business, but not at the expense of social responsibility and positive community engagement.

We also believe in providing the right services to the right businesses at the right time. For Keddy & Associates, this means walking through your entire marketing strategy, determining what your business goals are and where your potential weaknesses may be, and supporting your business by removing those weaknesses from your marketing workload. If we don't think a particular service is right for your business, we're not going to try and sell it to you. If we know of a better match for your needs that doesn't involve Keddy & Associates, we'll point you in that direction!

2. Consultation (1-2 hours)

During our complementary consultation, we'll have an in-depth discussion about the proposed project, how Keddy & Associates can help, and what the format of the final result will look like. We'll cover as much or as little information as you want, because we also believe in being transparent and informative. The more you as a client know about the process we are undertaking for your business, the better prepared you are to engage in the process and ask us the right questions and to guide us toward the best result for your company.

3. Pricing Negotiation

In most cases, we have a pretty good understanding of what our costs are going to be for a given email marketing project. While we're not sitting here lining our pockets, we can, in some rare cases, find alternative ways to deliver the necessary services to our clients in ways that allow us to stretch the standard pricing model to accommodate clients in financial need.

We encourage any clients who feel that the price quoted is outside of their financial capabilities to reach out to us to negotiate a solution that both parties can be proud of.

4. Deposit / Client Agreement

Due to the often ongoing nature of our email marketing services, all email marketing projects require a Client Agreement, which spells out the details of the business relationship between both parties, to provide protection to both sides should the project not proceed as originally planned.

When a deposit is required for a project, we will usually not begin work until the deposit is received, as well as a signed copy of the Client Agreement.

5. Work Begins

With all email marketing projects, we'll outline approximately how long we estimate it will take for us to begin publishing content to your subscriber channels. Unless specifically identified in a Client Agreement (CA) or Service Level Agreement (SLA), these estimates are not binding. Just like any other small business, we experience growing pains too! We will, however, do our best to ensure that you are kept informed as to the ongoing status of your project. If we determine that it is necessary to get your feedback mid-project or we find that we've missed collecting a valuable piece of the reference work being used to create content for you, then taking a long time to respond to our request may also slow down progress on your project.

6. Work is Complete

The "deliverables" will include, published to your subscriber channel(s) the final visual renderings of all visual elements (photos, sketches, infographics, etc) created for your project, and do not automatically include the "working files" - those proprietary files we use to create those final visual elements. As an agency, we purchase utility licenses for products that are not licensed for resale to individual clients, and it is for this reason that it is rare to receive original drawing files for any commissioned works. All that being said, we do try out best to make sure that you have final deliverables that are functional and meet a wide range of uses and a variety of your existing needs.

7. Review & Analysis

At the end of every email marketing project, we're going to ask you how we did. Was your experience a positive one? Did we live up to all of your expectations? What could we do to improve in the future? Ultimately, people don't buy from businesses, people buy from people, and we, as people, aren't perfect - though we strive to be. Your valuable feedback means that we as a business can grow and continue to deliver only the highest quality of service.

Email Marketing Pricing

Outsourced email marketing services are meant to free up a business owner's time so they can focus on other parts of their business that need more focused attention so they can build their business, but that goal is unrealistic if the price point is unattainable. We have a wide range of options for all sizes of business, and payment terms and agreement periods to match all financial capabilities.

4 Simple Packages. 5 Payment Plans. 1 Perfect Fit.

    • Basic

    • $ 90.50118.00145.50 /month

    • $ 89.19116.64144.09 /month

      $ 87.23114.60141.98 /month*

    • $ 87.88115.28142.68 /month

      $ 85.92113.24140.57 /month*

      $ 84.61111.88139.16 /month*

      • Save $ 15.7216.3216.92 a year!
      • Save $ 39.3040.8042.30 a year!
      • Save $ 31.4432.6433.84 a year!
      • Save $ 55.0257.1259.22 a year!
      • Save $ 70.7473.4476.14 a year!
      • 2x Weekly Social Media Posts
      • $25 Ad Spend Minimum
      • 3 Social Media Channels
      • Quarterly Reporting
      • More Details...
    • Get Started
    • *Billed as $ 261.68343.80425.93 quarterly

      Taxes extra

    • *Billed as $ 257.75339.72421.70 quarterly

      Taxes extra

    • *Billed as $ 1,015.261,342.561,669.86 annually

      Taxes extra

    • Standard

    • $ 135.93190.43244.93 /month

    • $ 133.35187.72242.08 /month

      $ 129.91184.10238.28 /month*

    • $ 131.63185.91240.18 /month

      $ 128.20182.29236.39 /month*

      $ 126.48180.48234.49 /month*

      • Save $ 30.9332.5534.18 a year!
      • Save $ 72.1875.9679.74 a year!
      • Save $ 51.5654.2656.96 a year!
      • Save $ 92.8097.66102.52 a year!
      • Save $ 113.43119.37125.31 a year!
      • 4x Weekly Social Media Posts
      • $50 Ad Spend Minimum
      • 4 Social Media Channels
      • Monthly Reporting
      • More Details...
    • Get Started
    • *Billed as $ 389.74552.30714.85 quarterly

      Taxes extra

    • *Billed as $ 384.59546.87709.16 quarterly

      Taxes extra

    • *Billed as $ 1,517.732,165.792,813.85 annually

      Taxes extra

    • Advanced

    • $ 299.08406.08513.08 /month

    • $ 289.13395.78502.43 /month

      $ 277.18383.41489.64 /month*

    • $ 285.14391.65498.16 /month

      $ 273.20379.29485.38 /month*

      $ 269.22375.17481.12 /month*

      • Save $ 119.45123.65127.85 a year!
      • Save $ 262.79272.03281.27 a year!
      • Save $ 167.23173.11178.99 a year!
      • Save $ 310.56321.48332.40 a year!
      • Save $ 358.34370.94383.54 a year!
      • 16x Weekly Social Media Posts
      • $100 Ad Spend Minimum
      • 6 Social Media Channels
      • Weekly Reporting
      • More Details...
    • Get Started
    • *Billed as $ 831.541,150.231,468.92 quarterly

      Taxes extra

    • *Billed as $ 819.601,137.871,456.14 quarterly

      Taxes extra

    • *Billed as $ 3,230.624,502.025,773.42 annually

      Taxes extra

1Creative Commons Zero (CC0) Photography

There is some amazing photography out there on the internet, and some of it is licensed as CC0, which is a standard licensing format where the user of the content does not have to attribute the content used to the author - You can use it whichever way you like, in the manner that you decide. For all of our plans, we use CC0 Photography exclusively, pairing the best of free-license photography with the themes and topics we determine are most suitable for your brand's digital marketing strategy. This enables us to deliver high quality marketing content at a fraction of the price it would otherwise cost if you had to create your own visual assets!

2Branded Photography

Making sure your company's branding is always at the forefront of your customer's experience with your content, we'll brand each photo asset with your branding in a way that is not overly-commercialized but still delivers the brand impressions which are key to developing the repeated exposure to your brand that converts visitors into customers. Consumers in the market today are very sensitive to overtly commercialized content and have grown to subconsciously ignore content they perceive to be invasive advertising. Our use of your branding elements will strike the subtle tone that consumers will still engage with while promoting the brand awareness that your company needs.

3Branding/Logo Retouching

Not all brands have a fully-developed, well-designed branding package, so as a part of our Premium and Advanced plans, we'll also take on the role of retouching your logo to make sure it is the highest representation of your brand's concept. Convering pixelated logos to vector format, adding slight dropshadows behind the logo to make it appear as if it is emerging from the photography, and colour correcting photography that doesn't allow the branding elements to merge seamlessly with the content are all examples of the non-destructive branding retouches we'll make to ensure your social content is of the highest quality.

4Keddy & Associates Additional Service Discounts

Communicating our continued appreciation of all our clients is one things that we've been getting really good at. For our Advanced Social Media Marketing Clients, we want to give an extra special thank you, by extending exclusive discounts on some of our other services. Advanced Social Media Marketing clients receive 25% off on all Web Development Services, 25% off all Printed Marketing Products, and 50% off all Logo & Graphic Design Services!